John Wanamaker made his famous quip about ineffective advertising over 100 years ago. Most companies are still wasting their marketing dollars. That's because, in today's jam-packed ad space, you've got to earn consumers' attention, not just talk at them. i2m2 has the perfect solution.


Instant Impact Marketing & Media Delivers
100% Effective Ad Spend

We help you spend directly on your target audience so your message never gets lost. By putting the focus on consumers (instead of on media you can only hope reaches them), you make a personal impact that goes farther and lasts longer.


Make A Bigger, Better Impact With Your
Local Event Marketing

Event-goers and venue hosts receive valuable benefits from you, the sole sponsor, and, in return, give you ongoing appreciation and support in the community.


You’ll Stand Out From Other Brands

As the exclusive sponsor, your visibility is guaranteed

You engage your customers and prospects where they live, at the events they love

Your impact is more personal (and memorable) because it’s more meaningful

You boost patrons’ enjoyment and their connection to your brand

You gain lasting recognition with your proven commitment to your community



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