Our Clients

“Bank of Marin is constantly exploring new ways to serve our customers and the community, while also supporting local nonprofits. We were impressed with the instant impact of this innovative program and hope to incorporate it into our community outreach strategy in the future.”

Fabia Butler, Advertising & Communications Manager, Bank of Marin


"Our basketball game promotion featuring a local restaurant through i2m2 resulted in 40% more revenue, a $650 increase, towards our Athletic Department than we typically see for a Friday Night game!!”

Emily Busch, Community Liaison with San Rafael High School


“I2m2 is a very innovative marketing idea, based on capturing and earning the consumer's attention, not through a broadcast advertising campaign, but by focusing on each consumer, one-by-one, in a very personal way; by partially subsidizing ticket pricing to individuals at targeted events. To the ticket recipient, this would create an instant impact and significant good will towards Citizens---"hey, Citizens cares enough about me to help pay for my ticket, especially in these tough economic times-thanks Citizens!".  The consumer is so bombarded with ads that they tune these out, whereas i2m2's approach will create a much more endearing and lasting impression on them. A win for the consumer, the venue and Citizens!"

Kevin Spence, SVP Citizen’s Bank

  • Union Bank
  • Sports Authority
  • 142 Throckmorton Theatre
  • Cinnabar Theater
  • USF University
  • The Mountain Play
  • Davidson Middle School
  • Raven Theater
  • San Rafael High
  • The Melting Pot
  • 6thStreet Playhouse
  • Extreme Pizza
  • Spreckles Theater
  • Bank of Marin
  • Marin Acura