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i2m2 "Embeds" Promotions into Local Events Ranging from Basketball Games to Comedy Shows


SAN RAFAEL, CA., May 16, 2011 -- i2m2, a Marin County-based event-marketing firm that focuses on "embedding" promotions within scheduled local events, announced today that it has launched operations with more than a dozen clients ranging from theaters and restaurants to public schools and auto dealers.

In the past few weeks, i2m2 -- which stands for Instant Impact Marketing & Media -- has managed successful promotions embedded in Marin County basketball games, plays and comedy shows. The firm intends to increase the frequency and scope of promotions as it extends into additional venues and geographic markets, said i2m2 founder and San Rafael resident David Shapiro.

"i2m2 combines strong, results-oriented marketing with the local commitment shared by advertisers and consumers alike," Mr. Shapiro said. "With i2m2, a local business like a restaurant can subsidize a discount on a ticket to a local high-school basketball game. This benefits the fans, whose patronage then benefits the restaurant. And everyone involved is able to support the school and its team."

Initial venue partners and clients include: 142 Throckmorton Theatre; The Mountain Play; 6thStreet Playhouse, San Rafael High and Davidson Middle School, USF University, and savvy marketers: Bank of Marin, Union Bank, Sports Authority, and local restaurants: The Melting Pot, Brick & Bottle and Extreme Pizza.

The i2m2 method typically entails businesses providing a discounted ticket price to a local event. To ensure the venue’s support and participation, a sponsor fee increases revenue and potentially attendance. "Everyone wins," Mr Shapiro said. "Patrons pay less -- and enjoy the unexpected perk. The venue typically recognizes a 25-50% bump at the gate. And the event ticket can be redeemed at the sponsor, which receives measurable return on its investment as well as the resulting goodwill generated among patrons and community leaders."

Mr. Shapiro, a 25-year advertising veteran in traditional and new media, has held key sales, marketing, management and consulting roles with major media companies and tech start-ups including Cumulus, Clear Channel, Noll, Rocket Fuel and ProSent Mobile. He has represented market-leading media outlets (KFOG/KNBR, Ask Jeeves) as well as numerous technology oriented start-ups.

Event managers and their patrons are giving i2m2 rave reviews so far, Mr. Shapiro said, citing praise he received from a patron of a recent Mark Pitta and Friends comedy show at Mill Valley's 142 Throckmorton Theatre. Bank of Marin supported the performance by subsidizing a $5 ticket discount.

"Usually you see a discount coupon or a deal of the day which may not be of interest," said Sausalito's Perry Adams, who attended the show. "It wasn't so much the amount of the discount. But here I was at my favorite local theater and receiving a 'thank you' discount without even asking. I am very impressed! And the show was everything I expected! Big props to Bank of Marin and to you 142 Throckmorton Theatre for your consideration."

The sponsor realized good value as well:

“Bank of Marin is constantly exploring new ways to serve our customers and the community, while also supporting local nonprofits. We were impressed with the instant impact of this innovative program and hope to incorporate it into our community outreach strategy in the future.”

Fabia Butler
Advertising & Communications Manager
Bank of Marin

Similar kudos came from a prospective underwriter for other i2m2 events on the east coast:

“I2m2 is a very innovative marketing idea, based on capturing and earning the consumer's attention, not through a broadcast advertising campaign, but by focusing on each consumer, one-by-one, in a very personal way; by partially subsidizing ticket pricing to individuals at targeted events," said Kevin Spence of SVP Citizen's Bank. "To the ticket recipient, this would create an instant impact and significant good will towards Citizens. The consumer is so bombarded with ads that they tune these out, whereas i2m2's approach will create a much more endearing and lasting impression on them. A win for the consumer, the venue and Citizen's."